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IKOO looks like the Aston Martin of electric scooters and turns heads everywhere I went.  I know because I own both of them.  It is worth the wait.  Thanks! - Potomac, MD
It really goes!  Everybody stops to look at it. - Houston, Texas
I overcame a big ass hill today that my wife swore I will not make it with my IKOO.  She is so wrong!  Note: you can use my pictures if you wish. Thanks. - Undisclosed.
I love the exclusivity and unique looks of the IKOO.  The stainless steel body looks really great and I am so surprised that an electric scooter like this actually turns heads every time I ride it to work. - Undisclosed.
I bought the IKOO because I know I am the only one in the neighborhood who has it.  Thanks. - Seattle, WA
I bought the IKOO because I look ridiculous riding on those el cheapo electric scooters.  The IKOO looks really good with the stainless steel and it looks more like an electric motocross than a scooter.  The ride feels safe with the sturdy frame and the seat is comfortable. - Undisclosed.
I chose the IKOO because of the ultra modern design.  It looks very suitable for a young professional like myself.  The price is comparable to most high-end scooters. - San Jose, CA
I live in the city and after using the IKOO for a month, I want to write to you to tell you that I am very satisfied.  I always get curious looks from bystanders who asked me where I got it. - Undisclosed
Oh WOW!  I love your scooter!  Am blown away by the design.  Spent all day looking at dull products on the internet and finally found this. - Tampa, FL
I am interested in using an electric scooter to ride to the railway station which is about 2 miles.  Most of the models I have looked at are either too flimsy or would look better beneath my granny!! - Doncaster East, Vic, Australia
I just got back from a test run and it works great!  Thanks a lot.  - San Francisco, CA
I know there are some cheaper imitations out there, but they look really cheap and flimsy.  I chose the IKOO over the rest because of the quality and the safety features.  My advice to anyone who is considering, remember this - you get what you paid for. - Orlando, FL
After some research on the internet, the IKOO is definitely my choice because I like what I saw.  I have always hated the look of those conventional electric scooters. - San Francisco, CA
I am looking forward to enjoying the IKOO very soon.  It was love at first sight, I'll say. - Philadelphia, PA

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