[  We have complied a list of frequently asked questions that may have answers to your questions. If you can't find the answers here, please feel free to contact the (help desk).  ]
How fast and how far can IKOO go?
The IKOO is electronically limited to 17 mph and has a range of 25 miles if equipped with regenerative braking.  However, like all electric powered vehicle, the actual distance and speed may depend on wind, terrain and rider load.
Where is the IKOO made in?
The IKOO is hand-assembled in our facilities in the U.S.A. with manufactured parts from Germany, Japan and Taiwan.  Every part supplier went through strict selection to make sure that they can meet our expectation for quality and durability.
What is the voltage of the charger?  How long do I need to charge?
The input voltage of the charger is rated universal at 110V-240V.  It can be used in almost every part of the world.  A full charge will take about 3 hours but 1 - 2 hours for partial charge.
Will I run out of power half way to my destination?
Unlikely.  The IKOO is equipped with a power gauge, acting like fuel gauges on cars.  You will know when the IKOO is likely to run out of power.  We recommend that owners to do a dry run on the route that they usually take if they are riding the IKOO to work to measure the actual mileage
Can I add other components or accessories to the IKOO?
Yes, you can.  However, modifications should not be done in a way that may void the warranty.
Do I need to pay taxes if I buy online?
It depends on where you are and where buy. You pay no taxes if you buy from an out-of-state retailer. For more information, you will need to consult your local tax collection agency.
How long is shipping?
If item is in stock, it should be shipped in 2 business days. Back orders take about 30-90 days depending on backlog as the IKOO is hand-made and assembled.
How much does IKOO cost?
The latest IKOO (IKOO 2.0) sells from US$1999. You may see other prices like US$1399 or less on the web, which is the price for the previous model (IKOO 1.0).
Where can I buy?
You can buy directly from this (website) or from other authorized retailers.
What type of motor does the IKOO use?
The IKOO uses the newly designed Venoem™ motor with eVario™ coil system. It is a 48V750W class brushless and gearless hub motor that provides significant greater power and higher efficiency.
What type of batteries are installed on the IKOO?
The IKOO uses a removable PCM controlled 48V15Ah Li-ion power system in aluminum encasement.  To be specific, we uses Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) under the latest Japanese design in battery technologies to provide the ultimate in safety, durability and highest weight to range ratio.
Do I need any technical knowledge to operate the IKOO?
Absolutely NO. If you can ride a bicycle, you will have no problem operating IKOO.  Just twist the throttle and it goes, with no pedal or gears to shift.  The power plant is maintenance free and you only care for the rest like a bicycle.
How much electricity is used to charge the batteries?
A full charge is estimated to use about 5 cents of electricity.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Requirement for helmet laws varies in each state.  However, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet at all times when operating the IKOO.
Is it street legal to operate the IKOO in my state?
In California, it is legal to operated an electric scooter subject to SB441. Since electric scooter laws vary from state to state, we recommend that you contact your Department of Motor Vehicles and legislature to see what laws you must follow.
Is there an age restriction? What is the age recommended for operating the IKOO?
Age restrictions vary by State laws. The IKOO is designed to be a commuting solution for adult and should not be treated like a toy. It is recommended for age over 17.